Learning at Home

Children are continuously learning everyday and you are their ‘first and foremost educator’. The best thing you can do is be a fabulous role model as whatever you do your little one will pick up on it. There’s loads of new and interesting things you can do, don’t spend a fortune though. The best things you can do cost very little such as walking through our woods and down to the lake, or going to one of our free museums. Being at home is just as much fun too.

Although technology is great please keep it to a minimum around your child and only allow them to play on age appropriate games. At preschool we don’t focus on technology a lot as we prefer real life experiences as children learn so much more from them. Keep your own phone and tablet use to a minimum too when you’re around your child, research has shown children’s language abilities may become affected if your communication with your child is limited.

Natural resources are wonderful, full of learning potential and things to chat about as well as free. Collecting them can be a fun day out while you search for new and interesting things. Give your child a little bag and fill it with leaves, sticks, pebbles, shells, conkers, feathers, pine cones, acorns etc. You can make natural art with them all, patterns, line them up in size order, paint, make wands, draw in the mud, make fairy houses etc.

Make a camp, build a fort, use throws, duvet covers, sofa cushions etc. It’s a great spot for watching tv in.

Play table top games, but remember they shouldn’t always be the winner or they’ll find it tough when they get to preschool or school and they don’t always win.

Bake or help make tea. Children begin to understand about washing hands to remove germs, follow a recipe, learn how to use tools safely and most of all if they’re a fussy eater making their own food encourages them to eat.

Research has also shown the best time for your child to take in new learning from a story is at bedtime, so make the most of your child’s bedtime routine to have a story and a chat. Stay away from watching TV in bed at bedtime as this stimulates the brain to stay awake or have bad dreams.

There really are many ways to help your child learn at home, every minute is an opportunity for them to absorb new learning, even if you haven’t planned it.

What people say about us

"Since joining the Nursery my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to going into nursery everyday." Parent of Child
“Thank you so much for the past year and a half. From day one of me being in bits about potty training you have always offered so much help and support.” Parent of Child
"Because of you I will always have the memory of the time my child showed me he could put on his own coat and shoes himself. The pride in his face I will never forget." Parent of Child
I just wanted you to all know how amazing you have all been this past year, my child has came on so much since September. Thank you for all your help dealing with the teams he is under, I would have been lost since his diagnosis but you have helped us through it. Parent of a child
Thank you all for a fabulous first term, my child talks about preschool and all of his teachers with a huge smile on his face which is all I can ask for. Parent of a child
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