We have three collection times for after school club, 3:15pm, 4pm and 5pm.

We collect children from the end of their school day as well as from their clubs which may finish at different times. If this is the case please choose the time slot before your child finishes (for example, if your club finishes at 4:15 book the time slot from 4pm). The one exception to this is swimming, please book from 4pm as it is almost 4pm by the time we collect them.

We have 3 times for you to book until, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. You can pick your child up at any time before the time you have booked them in until.

We offer the children a light snack when they arrive with us, this is aimed to prevent them from being hungry straight after school, but will not fill them as they should have their evening meal with you and the family. We are aware of cultural needs, vegans and allergies, please make sure you let us know when you first bring them to us. Some of the foods we have are fish finger sandwiches, wraps, hot dogs, cheese, crackers and crudites, pasta and pizza. This is followed by something sweet such as malt loaf, yoghurt, mini milk and rice cakes.