My child is in preschool, can I book breakfast and out of school club sessions?

I would like my child to come to Out of School Club, how do I sign up?

I cannot cancel my EYLog booking, why?

I cannot book an out of school club session, why?

When do I pay for my childcare?

Do you accept vouchers and salary sacrifice?

Why do you not give the children a full dinner/tea?

My child has allergies and food intolerances, can they still come to preschool?

I’ve had a message to say my child has had an accident, is it serious?

Can my child do their homework in after school club?

Do you have set activities for the children?

Is EYLog/EYMan secure?

Do you pass on my details to other people?

My child’s club finishes at 4:15pm, do I have to pay for the full hour?

Are there any charges if I am late collecting my child?

Are you Covid secure?