Whickham Parochial Preschool follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which is a principled approach to guide the work and procedures in the setting as well as the Birth to 5 Matters. As part of this approach we follow almost seventy policies and procedures to ensure we maintain high standards. These policies include some of the following, but this is not the full list:

Child Protection and Safeguarding policies and procedures including; social media, mobile phones, child absence, toileting, intimate care, etc.

Health and Safety policies and procedures including; administering medication, infectious children, Sun protection, managing and reporting accidents, equipment and resources etc.

Parent and carer polices and procedures including; non payment of fees, parent / carer behaviour, complaints, parental involvement, etc.

Staff, student and volunteer policies and procedure including; Key Person, staff selection and recruitment, student and volunteers, staff training, etc.

Forest School policies and procedures including; use of fire, safe hand tools, risk assessments, hen keeping, rules and procedures, insurance, etc.

General policies and procedures including; aims, admissions, settling in, British values, special educational needs, GDPR, behaviour, learning and development, equality and diversity etc.

If you are one of our families and would like to see any of these policies and procedure please ask in the office and we can email you a copy out. We have a folder containing hard copies in the office which you will also be able to read.

These policies and procedures are reviewed annually but may be changed during the year if circumstances, events, reflection and legislation etc. require it.