Pre School

Early Years Log

Once we have your email we can add you to the EYLog system and invite to join with your own unique login.

We regularly observe, assess and monitor children’s learning, well -being and developments throughout their day with us via a system called EYLog. These observations give you a little flavour of their time at preschool and help us see how they are developing, what their strengths and interests may be and how we can plan for their future learning.

At the start of their time with us you will mainly get observations to show you how well they have settled, where they like to play and who they are playing with. As time goes on you will see these observations become fewer and more in-depth, this allows us to focus on individual children and build a picture that reflects their true stage of development and areas of play.

While the staff are observing the children, they are working with them. So please forgive us if the observations are not perfect, if we make spelling mistakes or predictive text takes over. Your children are our first priority, the observations are not proof read before they’re sent out as this takes up too much time. We would rather give you more of an insight into your child’s playful day than them all being word perfect.

We use EYLog to record accidents and incidents. If your child has a minor accident, we will complete a form through EYLog and send it to you at the time of the accident. We will always ring you for anything we think is really important, but if you have concerns please ring us. We will also try to inform you of any toileting accidents, if they haven’t eaten much lunch or if they’ve had a nap etc. through the daily diary section in the app.

Please remember not all parents like their children’s photo shared online, so if you are sharing on social media please double check your child is the only child in the image. We will take further action for any parents who share images of other children on line / social media etc. Remember you have signed consent that you will not share these images.

If you’re enjoying the app and you would like to include more email addresses you can add more (up to 5 people). You can add your partner, close family, other nurseries or childminders emails, just let us know the details and we will add them.

You can comment on the photos, send us messages about their learning, give us details of any moments that has made you go “wow” and also let us know of any new interests your child may have. If we work together your child will be able to achieve more as your information helps us build up a much bigger picture of your child. You will notice who your child’s key worker is on EYLog, this person is responsible for updating their information and monitoring their developments while ensuring their well-being is catered for. You can update their personal details, what their comforters may be, where they spend every day and who they live at home with etc. If you have any photos or videos of special moments please share them with us too. This information all helps us get to know a true picture of your child.

If you have any problems, concerns, worries or issues with EYLog please do not hesitate to contact the Preschool office.