About Us


  • Mrs Andrea Warne

    Managing Director, Special Educational Needs Coordinator

  • Mrs Tanya Wood

    Director, Early Years Teacher, Forest School Leader, Safeguarding Lead

Staff Team

  • Mrs Kyle

    Early Years Senior Practitioner (Level 3) and Safeguarding Lead Person

  • Mrs Szpak

    Early Years Senior Practitioner (Level 3) and Special Educational Needs Coordinator

  • Mrs Marran

    Early Years Senior Practitioner (Level 3) and Health and Safety Officer

  • Mrs Smith

    Early Years Practitioner (EY Level 3 & Fd. Degree)

  • Mrs Parsons

    Early Years & OSC Practitioner (Fd. Degree)

  • Mrs Walker

    Early Years & OSC Practitioner (level 3)

  • Ms Dent

    Early Years Practitioner (BA hons degree working towards Early Years Teacher Training)

Staff Team

Our staff team are teacher led and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of preschool children from their many years of training, working in this environment and through their own families. They bring along with them many talents, skills and attributes from their hobbies and past employments. We have an amazing garden and allotment thanks to the knowledge of the staff where they encourage the children to grow their own fruits and vegetables, they also have a love of nature and encourage the children  to take care of creatures and their environment.

The staff continuously update their skills through training, conferences and visits to other settings. 100% of our directors and paid employees are pediatric first aid trained, this is updated every 3 years and we undertake specialist training if a child has a specific medical need. Everyone has a food hygiene certificate for preparing snacks and serving lunch. We regularly attend training, update our knowledge of child protection, safeguarding and current issues and concerns in order to protect all children. All members of staff have specialist training working directly with Early Years and understanding the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Play Partners

Play partners are regular volunteers who come into preschool to play alongside the children or support the preschool, putting their spare time, talents and skills to good use.

*During the current climate of Covid-19 our Play Partners are not volunteering in preschool.

In addition to the above, we also have special support workers who may occasionally work alongside some children who need additional support.

We work with our local schools, colleges and universities allowing students to experience hands-on learning (*not during Covid-19 restrictions).

What people say about us

"Since joining the Nursery my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to going into nursery everyday." Parent of Child
“Thank you so much for the past year and a half. From day one of me being in bits about potty training you have always offered so much help and support.” Parent of Child
"Because of you I will always have the memory of the time my child showed me he could put on his own coat and shoes himself. The pride in his face I will never forget." Parent of Child
I just wanted you to all know how amazing you have all been this past year, my child has came on so much since September. Thank you for all your help dealing with the teams he is under, I would have been lost since his diagnosis but you have helped us through it. Parent of a child
Thank you all for a fabulous first term, my child talks about preschool and all of his teachers with a huge smile on his face which is all I can ask for. Parent of a child
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