Pre School

Useful Information

Opening Times:

We are open: 7:45am to 6pm

Preschool Session Times:

7:45am to 12 noon

9am to 12 noon

9am to 3pm, 4pm, 5pm or 6pm

7:45am to 3pm, 4pm, 5pm or 6pm

12:15pm to 3:15pm

You can use your funding for any of these sessions, if your times go over your funding entitlement you can pay for additional sessions.

*We have 5 occasional or inset days where we close. We keep these days the same as Whickham Parochial Primary School.


We are open for business as usual following the ever changing Government guidelines.

If your child is displaying any COVID-19 Symptoms please keep them at home and take a test. Please let us know as soon as possible and send us the test result so we can act accordingly. We must inform the DfE weekly on children’s absences in order to keep their records up to date.

We have a Pandemic Policy with a COVID-19 section, we complete risk assessments and keep up to date with any government changes. The children and staff wash and sanitise their hands upon entering the building, throughout the day and when they leave. The room, toilets and equipment is steam cleaned and anti bac sprayed between group uses to keep the germ levels down.

Staff generally do not wear PPE unless they have an underlying medical condition, your child is displaying symptoms or needs intimate care.

Please do not give your child paracetamol before coming into preschool as it can mask a high temperature. Ensure all your emergency contacts are up to date and correct on EYLog, you should have at least 3.


You can use your funded entitlement anytime within our hours of opening, anything over and above must be paid for. The preschool is open for 39 weeks of the year, but funding only covers 38 weeks. To off set this we take 5 occasional days throughout the year.

You can find out about if you are eligible for up to 30 hours funding, tax free childcare etc.  from the government website Childcare Choices. 

If you receive a code for 30 hours you need to pass this onto our office as soon as you get it. The code will stay the same throughout your child’s time with us so you only need to tell us once. However you must keep an eye open for a reminder email and re validate the code every few months. Without a valid code you will not receive extra funding.

 Funding only covers the hours your child is in preschool, lunches must be paid for separately or your child may bring in a packed lunch. Packed lunches must contain healthy food that is nut free and contain as little single use plastic packaging as possible. The preschool is a nut free environment to avoid accidental introduction of nuts to children who have allergies. Please only include one ‘treat’ item if you feel the need to add it, for example crisps or a cake, not both.

 Consumables such as snack, EYLog, art supplies, cleaning products, equipment and many many other things are not covered by the funding. To allow us to run efficiently and effectively, we ask you for a small voluntary contribution of 50p per session towards these costs at the end of every month. We also sometimes ask you to provide resources to help such as tissues, plants, paper etc.


For any payments due, we will invoice parents at the end of the month. This will be to pay upon receipt. Payments can be made via BACs, Child Care Vouchers, Tax Free Childcare and cash. Sorry we no longer accept cheques.

Uniform and Clothes

Children do not need to wear uniform for preschool, however if you would prefer them to wear one we have teamed up with Logos unlimited  they have shops behind Lidl in Swalwell  if you would prefer to try them on. If your child wears a uniform it will save their other clothes from getting dirty, marked or worn out, if they don’t, please don’t send them in expensive clothes – they will get dirty!

Clothes should be easy to get on and off such as elasticated waists to enable the children to be independent. Please don’t put your child in dungarees, onesies, skinny jeans or lace up shoes. Also school trousers aren’t a good idea for preschool as they often have a teflon coating which prevents us from seeing if they have had an accident and often come with a clasp fastening which is difficult for little fingers.


All clothes, coats, hats, bags, shoes, wellies lunch boxes etc. must have their name in. If they don’t be prepared to lose a jumper or pair of shoes. It’s much easier for us to return anything that has a name inside and your child will learn to look for their name too. You can buy printed sticky labels for inside black shoes, they’re much cheaper than buying a new pair.

School Lunch Menu 2021/202

We bring our lunches over from the school kitchen and follow the Gateshead school lunch menu. If your child is a vegetarian or vegan, these meals must be booked in advance. Allergies, intolerances and any other medical needs (such as diabetes) are catered for everyday.

You can find out the daily menu here

Alternative is for you to provide a packed lunch.


Independence is an essential skill to learn at preschool. We prefer children to wear jogging bottoms or leggings on their bottom half as school trousers, skirts and jeans can often be difficult for little fingers to get off when they go to the toilet.

Velcro is the best fastening for shoes as your little one will struggle with buckles and laces.

We do help children with everything, but we do encourage them to be as independent as possible as this helps promote their self esteem and build their self confidence.

Parents Information

  • Bring in a drawstring bag with a complete change of clothes in and leave on their peg, they may fall in the mud or get covered in paint, it’s not just for toilet accidents.
  • Remember to label clothes, coats, shoes and bags etc.
  • If your child is staying for packed lunch, it must be healthy, no sweets or chocolate. If you must provide a treat item, please no more than one. We can offer support and guidance if you need help.
  • Remember we do not allow nuts or products that MAY contain nuts.
  • Remember to encourage your child’s independence.
  • Your child will always need the right type of coat for the current weather condition.
  • When the sun is out your child will need a sun hat and sun cream keep in their tray (with names on).
  • When the weather is a bit cooler a warm hat should be kept in their tray.
  • We prefer mittens rather than gloves as they are easier to get on and off, waterproof mittens are a good idea too. They keep hands warmer for longer..
  • No onesies, dungarees, fiddly buttons or clasps and no belts please. All of these things prevent your child getting to the toilet on time.
  • Gateshead school term times can be found here (we have an additional 5 days taken as inset days throughout the school year).